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Iknowalittleplace is the labor of love of our savvy shopper team, mother (TK) and daughter (DK), in response to the exploding number of requests for shopping information once the word spread that we are part-time Parisians.

Everyone wanted to know the really special places to shop. There was only one answer -- by following in the footsteps of Paris' insiders. So, we enlisted the help of both local and international experts in a wide array of areas, including fashion, design, food, beauty, arts and entertainment and they graciously shared their personal favorites – the ones they keep for themselves and special friends. Typical of the generosity we encountered during our interviews are stories like the fashion icon who, when we asked where she would shop if she were not able to afford her own luxury line, did not hesitate to give us the name of a modestly priced boutique where she, in fact, does find clothes for herself. That boutique is, of course, on our Paris list. With similar candor, a celebrated beauty revealed the source of her signature haircut in London and bibliophiles from such diverse worlds as entertainment and academia gave us the Manhattan bookstore they rank among the best in the world.

Each Iknowalittleplace entry has its own backstory and narrative that will ensure your own special shopping experiences.